terça-feira, 15 de abril de 2008

is it ?

"R L: Well I'm trying to think. Even the Entablatures are meant to be humorous in a way, because they don't seem to be funny but they mean imperial power or something like that. That's the work I can think of that's maybe the most humourless, but it's still meant to be humorous in some way. It's hard to talk about humour without making it very unfunny, but yes, I think that either the subject matter is kind of ridiculous fora painting - you know, a piece of apple pie or something - or the method, the cartooning, kind of says this isn't really a painting, this is really just reproduced trash or something, so that the dots, black lines, things like that, sort of tell you that it's not serious art. I think that, say, Picasso's rendering of Delacroix or Velazquez could probably look like a sort of trashy copy of a masterpiece. So I think that some of the humour started there."

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Anónimo disse...

NINGUÉM!me tira da cabeça que isto é um supositório. Vá... quando muito um estojo para as lunettes.


corine disse...

control Z...porque merda acontece!!!